Wellness Foundation

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Wellness Foundation's 7th Annual Summer Benefit A Celebration of Our Community Wellness Zone

The Illumination Award was created in honor of our visionary founder, Doug Mercer. Not many people would come out of a comfortable retirement at the age of 70, driven by a mission to help others live their healthiest and happiest lives. Brave, bold and passionate about making a difference in his community, Doug was willing to challenge what was then the traditional advice about nutrition. It's not easy to be one of the first to stand up and say, "There's a better way" but that's just what Doug did.

Since 2005, Wellness Foundation has been illuminating the path to wellness for others through our programs and services. Following Doug's example, we shed light on the tremendous power each of us has to live our healthiest lives through the choices we make every day. From the very beginning Doug had a vision of creating a community wellness zone that would not only transform the health of individuals but also the health of this community and that would inspire other communities around the country. With that vision as our guide, we have collaborated with residents, businesses, restaurants and schools to build our community wellness zone.

This year we celebrated our ever-growing community wellness zone and honored 11 individuals and businesses that are lighting the path to wellness for others in our community.