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Kids & Families: 8 Simple Steps to Feel Your Best

As we enjoy the last weeks of summer, it may be helpful to give some thought to how you'd like this next school year to look for you and your family. For example, are there new routines you want to create? Things you want to do together? The following tips are designed to help set you up for success. 1. Put your priorities on paper Sit down as a family and discuss what feels most important to you. For example, is getting more sleep a priority? Sitting down to dinner together at least three times a week? Factoring in time for family activities? Think about how doing--or not doing--these things will affect you, and then get specific about how you'll carve out time for what feels most important. 2. Identify supportive resources Whether...

WF’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Check out our gift ideas to keep your loved ones happy and healthy this holiday season! Give the gift of of fresh produce: Fight food waste with Misfits Market organic produce and sustainably sourced pantry staples delivered to your door weekly or bi-weekly. Starts at $22 per box. Give the gift of peace of mind & body: Packed with inspiration and practical exercises, Mindfulness Cards is a set of beautifully-designed cards which bring awareness, calm and kindness to wherever you are. Each set comes with 48 cards which have an inspiring phrase or idea on one side and a more detailed exercise related to that phrase on the other  A lovely, useful gift, the deck's teachings will stick with a loved one for their lifetime. $14 Give...