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Update from our President and CEO

This unprecedented health crisis reminds us that Wellness Foundation’s mission is more important than ever before.  It is not always easy to take care of one’s physical, spiritual and emotional health, but just as we have always done, Wellness Foundation wants to be there to support you during this difficult time. Because people with chronic diseases are at the greatest risk of complications from Covid-19, we are reminded of why we are committed to helping people make lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse these diseases. Our small team is working hard to make more of our resources and life-changing programs available online to help you eat healthy, keep moving, manage stress and stay connected. It is with great disappointment that we will be cancelling our 2020...

Navigating Change 

While we can't always control how and when changes unfold, we do have the power to take charge of how we react to them-it begins with our thought process. Our thoughts impact our feelings, and our feelings affect our behavior. So if, for example, we tell ourselves that the change isn't manageable, then we'll likely feel powerless and probably won't take constructive actions to better cope with it....