Emotional Wellbeing

While it's critical to feed our bodies nourishing food, it's equally important to think about how we are feeding our minds and our souls. By finding ways to nourish ourselves that don't involve food, we'll be less likely to use it to fill a void and more likely to enjoy better physical and emotional health.

Consider some of these areas:

  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Fun/hobbies
  • Travel/adventure
  • Stress management/relaxation

Think about how much time you currently devote to these areas, as well as how much time or energy you'd like to devote to them going forward. What might that look like? What would you like to see happen? Why is that important to you? Write your answers down.


Now, consider what you'd be willing to change in order to make room for these areas in your life, remembering to start small. For example, while 20 minutes of meditation might not seem manageable right now, maybe three minutes in the morning would. This is about implementing small changes and gradually building on them. Even though it might not seem like much at first, every minute we spend doing something that nourishes us has a powerful impact and moves us closer to our larger goals.

What will you try this week?