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The WKids Coach Training course is now open; you can begin this self-guided, online program on the date you choose. The cost for one participant is $499, and group rates are available. The children in your community are counting on you—sign up today and begin learning how you can help to empower the generation of change. We look forward to working with you!

W Kids: Coach Training

Join A Wellness Revolution Led By Kids!

Wellness Foundation's Healthy Food for Life program has empowered thousands of children to become the Generation of Change. This groundbreaking, six-week program has created a wellness revolution on the East End of Long Island. Through innovative and hands-on lessons, children are embracing the idea that they have the power to control their health destinies and are inspiring their families to join them.

Healthy Food for Life is designed for children in Pre-K through fifth grade. Each lesson focuses on nutrition, exercise and healthy body image. Children are empowered with one of the most important lessons they'll ever learn - they can create a healthier future through the choices they make today. Join us in fueling this wellness revolution by bringing the highly acclaimed Healthy Food for Life program to your community!

This fun, dynamic online educator training includes:

  • Tools to easily implement the program in your community
  • Six interactive training modules
  • Curriculums for Pre-K, K-2 and 3-5, in alignment with the Common Core Learning Standards
  • Print-ready learning materials
  • Certification as a Healthy Food for Life Educator
  • Ongoing support, information and opportunities
  • Inclusion in Wellness Foundation's online directory of Healthy Food for Life Educators

This program is great for teachers and health coaches, but a background in education or nutrition is not required. We'll provide everything you'll need through our Educator Training program—you only need to bring your passion for wellness!

It's working! We're empowering a generation of change!

  • 46% of families report an increase in reading food labels before making a purchase
  • 57% of families report a decrease in the consumption of processed junk foods
  • 70% of families report consuming less soda
  • 78% of families report consuming more whole foods and green leafy vegetables

Bring Healthy Food for Life to YOUR Community.