Wellness Foundation

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Doug Mercer founded the nonprofit, Wellness Foundation, in 2005 after being inspired by the students at East Hampton Middle School who were boycotting unhealthy school lunch food. His vision for the Wellness Foundation was to introduce key lifestyle changes—particularly healthy eating—to the community and, ultimately, become a model of community wellness.

Doug had observed that billions of dollars in healthcare costs were being spent each year and billions were being raised to fund disease-related charities. The missing link he came to understand is that many of these costly diseases develop as a result of unhealthy lifestyles. He wondered why there wasn't more support for prevention to help people lead healthier lives and avoid a host of chronic and costly diseases. For the last decade, Wellness Foundation has been doing just that, trailblazing the way in a local Wellness Revolution. Through the Foundation's work with children, adults and many other partners, we have created a culture of wellness where members of our community have experienced first-hand the power of healthy lifestyles to prevent and reverse disease.