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How to Collaborate with Wellness Foundation

How does Wellness Foundation help people?

Wellness Foundation is a 15-year-old nonprofit organization that offers programs and resources to help people prevent and reverse chronic disease while simultaneously strengthening their immune systems. Not only does our plant-based approach help people live happier, healthier lives, it also minimizes their carbon footprint on the planet. Our scientifically-based program emphasizes:

  • Adoption of a plant-based diet
  • Eating for a healthy microbiome
  • Integrating exercise that will boost metabolism
  • Managing stress

Who can benefit from Wellness Foundation programs?

People who:

  • Have one or more chronic diseases such as:
    • Diabetes or prediabetes
    • Heart disease
    • High blood pressure
    • Skin problems like eczema
    • Inflammatory problems like arthritis
    • Gastrointestinal discomfort and reflux
  • Want to lose weight
  • Desire more energy
  • Want to sleep better
  • Suffer from depression
  • Want to decrease stress
  • Want to reduce their footprint on the planet
  • Do not want to harm animals
  • Simply want to live their healthiest lives based on the best scientific research

Why should I work with Wellness Foundation?

Wellness Foundation has been teaching people to take charge of their health for over 15 years. Our programs are based on the scientific research of our world-class Advisory Committee, and we have a track record of success in helping people lose weight, prevent and reverse chronic disease and acquire the tools to live a long healthy life. We are a nonprofit organization and therefore are not trying to sell a product to make a profit but rather put forward the best programs based on research to help the most people possible.

How can I partner with Wellness Foundation?

If you are a:


(Brick and Mortar) Business: If you are part of a business whose products would be of value to our plant-based, wellness audience, we would love to talk to you about how you can help your customers while promoting your products and possibly even get a tax deduction. Do you want your employees live healthier? We are also an affordable solution to introduce your staff to healthy lifestyle practices.


Nonprofit Organization: Do you have a member or client base who could benefit from better health or who want to address climate change through their own personal practices? We can help your stakeholders in a myriad of ways while you help us meet our mission by reaching more people with life-changing health resources. We can provide customized free programming to your audience (such as a special diabetes series) or discount codes for them to use for paid programs.


Physician or Medical Professional: If you are a doctor, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, acupuncturist or other type of wellness professional, we know that you don't usually have time to counsel your patients on healthy lifestyle practices like nutrition. Our Jumpstart 360 program is the perfect way to complement your work with your patients by giving them the support they need to start living healthier. We can provide a special discount code to offer your patients and we encourage you or a staff member to try the four-week, online program for free. Also, we often invite experts to be part of our Wellness Warriors speaker series and would love to consider your participation.


Social Media Influencer: If your followers care about wellness, animals, or the health of our planet, our Jumpstart 360 Program, can help them learn to eat in a way that protects their health as well as the health of animals and the planet. When you share information about our program, we can provide a discount code for your followers and a free opportunity for you to take our program.


Fitness, Food Delivery, Meditation, Cooking or other related online business: If you provide resources like plant-based recipes or fitness tools, we'd love to cross promote. When you share information about our program, we can provide a discount code for your followers and a free opportunity for you to take our program. We also welcome the opportunity to feature you and your resources to our clients.


Teacher or someone who works with kids:
Be a tester of our online WKids materials. Wellness Foundation has put its in-school curriculum (WKids) online so teachers can use these great resources. We are seeking a select number of teachers to receive this content for free in exchange for providing some feedback to us about the curriculum.


For more information about collaborating with Wellness Foundation, email us at