Wellness Foundation / COLETTE D’ANGELO


You might have once seen Colette competing in regattas across the East End. Now, her life as a teacher and a mom to two young boys requires even more energy, and she credits a plant-centered lifestyle for giving her all that she needs!

Colette holds a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Vermont and a Masters in Literacy from Long Island University. She is a certified special education teacher and brings to Wellness Foundation years of teaching experience with a variety of different age groups and ability levels. Colette is enthusiastic about empowering children to take control of their health, both at school and at home—she has made it her mission to incorporate yoga, movement activities, and healthy eating lessons into her curriculum. Colette is a huge believer in teaching to the whole child and, in doing so, incorporating health, wellness, love and compassion into each day.

Many of Colette’s ideas about wellbeing are reflected in The Wellness Project by Phoebe Lapine; she feels the author does a wonderful job describing her year-long wellness journey and highlighting which wellness efforts were worth the investment. Colette is thrilled to be a part of Wellness Foundation’s team and is eager to make a meaningful difference in our community of learners.
Meredith Kennedy