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Wellness Challenge 360° Registration

Welcome to Wellness Challenge 360°!

Wellness Challenge 360 is a 7-week, full circle approach to nutrition and wellness that promotes optimal health. Participants are encouraged to increase whole natural plant foods including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts and seeds, and to eliminate processed foods, sugar, dairy, and animal products.

We know that wellness isn't just about nutrition, so this life-changing program goes beyond the plate!

  • You'll learn how to create exercise goals that work for you.
  • We'll provide valuable mindfulness tools to help you manage and reduce stress.
  • We'll show you how to transition into a healthy lifestyle that's sustainable, so you can continue to thrive after the program ends.

Our trained facilitators will help you to:

  • Significantly reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure
  • Reduce the need for prescription drugs
  • Decrease chronic inflammation and pain
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease, including heart disease and diabetes
  • Lose weight, safely, effectively, and permanently
  • Improve sleep and manage stress more effectively
  • Feel better and have more energy
  • Embrace Wellness Foundation's philosophy: Progress, not perfection

Your $250 investment includes:

  • Seven weekly educational/support sessions led by a trained facilitator
  • The Wellness Challenge 360° Jumpstart Guide with a two-week meal plan and recipes (we'll send this to you as soon as your registration is complete so you can get started right away!)
  • The brand-new Wellness Challenge 360° Guidebook, filled with more recipes, tips, and info than ever before!

We believe in you and your ability to change your health and your life—that's why we're going to give you a $50 refund when you complete the final paperwork and lab work for the program. Yes! We'll give you money back for getting healthy!

We want to make Wellness Challenge 360° accessible to everyone, so SCHOLARSHIPS are available to those in need. Please contact us at info@wfeh.org to learn more or to apply for a scholarship.

WC 360° Schedule

  • There are 7 weekly sessions. The first session is 2 hours long; the others are 1 1/2 hours.
  • All sessions are held at Wellness Foundation: 34 Bay Street, Suite 205, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

PLEASE ATTEND ALL SESSIONS; ATTENDANCE IS VITAL TO YOUR SUCCESS. If you know you'll need to miss a session, please discuss it with your facilitator ahead of time.

Important Information

  • All completed registration documents, beginning labs, and payment are due ONE WEEK before sessions start.
  • You'll need to have blood work done (lipid panel and A1C) ONE WEEK before beginning the program and again directly following the WEEK 6 SESSION. If you've had these tests within the last 30 days, they can be used as the beginning tests. Blood work done before 30 days of the start date of your class will not be accepted. Please get TWO prescriptions for blood work from your doctor.
  • If your insurance company will not pay for the blood work, we have arranged a reduced rate of $30 per visit with Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Lab (631) 726-8250.
  • If your insurance doesn't cover the cost of the required tests (lipid panel and A1C), the lab will bill you for the full cost. When you receive the bill, DON'T PANIC! Call our office. We will contact the billing department at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, and they will issue you a new bill for $30. You can pay the hospital directly.
  • Only the lipid panel and the A1C are required for WC 360. If your doctor requests other tests in addition to these, be sure that your insurance will cover the cost of the additional tests. The $30 discount will cover only the cost of the lipid panel and the A1C. You will be expected to pay the cost of the additional tests if your insurance doesn't cover it.
  • You will complete the final questionnaire during session 6. Have your completion blood work done directly following the WEEK 6 session. Your completion blood work is due in our office TWO BUSINESS DAYS before the seventh session, which is graduation. Completion blood work is important for your long-term success.

By enrolling now your place will be reserved for our upcoming Wellness Challenge 360°. You will not be fully registered until all paperwork and lab results are completed and received by the Wellness Foundation. Once we have received your completed registration, we will send our Wellness Challenge 360° Jumpstart Guide. This guide contains everything you need to be prepared to start Wellness Challenge 360°, including a Week One Meal Plan and shopping list.

Cost: $250 per person. This in non-refundable.

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