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Wellness From the Inside Out Series

Do you crave more balance and less stress?

Give us six weeks and we'll give you the tools to transform your life!

Stay tuned — upcoming class dates will be announced!

This six week transformational journey is designed to arm you with simple and sustainable strategies for living your healthiest and happiest life. We give you the tools and help you customize the approach that will work best for you. Sessions are highly engaging and interactive and include exercise and food demonstrations, meditation and stress and time management techniques as well as tips for improving your sleep quality.

Find Your ZoneSession 1: Find Your Zone

In this action packed first session, we'll show you how to tune out the daily noise and obstacles to healthy living and zone in to the very best version of yourself. Through a powerful discovery tool, you'll identify what life will look like in your ideal well zone and why that's so important to you. You'll then create an action plan for how you'll go about turning that vision into a reality.

Stress-Less SolutionsSession 2: Stress-Less Solutions

What if you could turn stress into a positive force? While it is impossible to eliminate all life stressors, in this session you'll learn how to respond to them in ways that will lead to feeling empowered, productive and at peace. In addition to concrete techniques you can implement immediately, we'll also review some relaxation techniques that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Rest and RenewSession 3: Rest and Renew

Who wouldn't like to feel more rested? We'll give you the strategies you need to do just that during this important session. In addition to identifying simple strategies for getting more sleep, we'll also discuss techniques to improving sleep quality and take you through a progressive relaxation that will ensure you never need to count sheep again.

Nourishing NutritionSession 4: Nourishing Nutrition

Go "beyond the plate" with us in this eye-opening session, where we'll expand the definition of nutrition to include not just what we eat but also how we think about food and our bodies, what we make or don't make time for and how we "feed" ourselves in ways that don't involve food. You'll walk away with an array of simple yet powerful tools you can use to boost your physical and emotional health.

Empowering ExerciseSession 5: Empowering Exercise

This lively, interactive session will change the way you approach exercise – not only will it be more enjoyable, it will leave you feeling physically and mentally stronger. We'll explore the mind-body connection, identify exercise techniques that are both effective and empowering and expand the focus from numbers on the scale to gaining confidence, strength, flexibility and more. This session will also include a live strength training demonstration with a fitness professional.

Blissful BalanceSession 6: Blissful Balance

The Zone In series culminates with this dynamic session, designed to help you get crystal clear on the life areas in which you are feeling fulfilled and a plan for how you'll continue to develop the others. You'll learn the fine art of saying no and setting boundaries, as well as identify strategies for maximizing your time and getting more enjoyment out of each and every day. You'll leave with the knowledge, inspiration and resources necessary to powerfully move forward living life in your healthiest zone; the very best version of you!

What They're Saying about Zone In

"Zone In was life changing!"
— Jane LaGuardia

"Zone In far exceeded my expectations on every front."
— Ann Welker

"If there was a stronger word than love, I would use it to describe what this class meant to me."
— Barbara W.