Wellness isn’t a state we suddenly arrive at but, a path; one that will look different for all of us at various points in our lives. We can all benefit at times from a more customized approach — a personal “cheering” section rooting us on and helping us stay connected to and accountable for our goals

That’s what health coaching is — a true partnership to support you in reaching your goals and in gaining insights along the way.

Health coaching helps you to navigate obstacles; some of which you might not have even realized were in the way. It empowers you with the information, tools, and insights you need to live and feel like the very best version of yourself.


  • Support in clarifying and prioritizing your goals
  • Heightened awareness of your own needs regarding food and activity
  • Insights into your patterns and creation of sustainable, healthy habits
  • Delicious, budget-friendly recipes


  • Guidance in creating a home environment that promotes wellness
  • Enhanced knowledge of optimal nutrition and physical activity
  • Tips regarding family meal planning, food prep, and shopping
  • Support for children around trying new foods and developing healthy habits

(AGES 13 TO 18)

  • Focus on connection between food and feelings; practice positive self-talk
  • Learn to decode labels and make choices that promote health
  • Discover strategies for navigating the cafeteria and grocery store
  • Review knife safety and basic cooking skills


  • Support for staying healthy while dealing with college-specific stressors
  • Tips for preparing food in a small space
  • Strategies for snacking and navigating dining hall options
  • Budget friendly foods that will help support academic performance as well as increase focus and energy levels

Personal health coaching is offered in addition to, or in lieu of, our Wellness Challenge 360° groups

Most coaching sessions are one hour in length and typically held once a week, with email support between sessions.

Sessions can be done in person, on the phone or virtually. Of course, we are flexible and would be happy to create a customized plan.

All of our coaching services can be purchased by session or as packages for a discount.