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We’ve created a wellness revolution...led by kids!



Wellness Foundation is thrilled to introduce our WKids Online program

Our highly acclaimed children's wellness program has been adapted for virtual learning at home or via video in the classroom and is offered online for FREE beginning this spring!  This interactive series teaches kids the importance of building healthy habits and focuses on choosing whole foods vs. processed foods, exercise, mindfulness and stress management in a fun and age-appropriate way. Kids learn how their choices impact their health and the health of the planet. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or anyone who works with kids, these short, engaging lessons and resources will help your children get on track for a healthy life.

High angle view of cute mixed-race schoolboy using digital tablet in a classroom at elementary school

Creation of the WKids Online Program has been made possible by a generous grant from
Moore Charitable Foundation 

For the first time in history, it has been predicted that today’s generation of children will have a shorter lifespan than their parents due to the obesity epidemic and the serious health problems associated with it, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. But like we teach our WKids, predictions are not facts!

WKids is empowering students to prove the predictions wrong and change the statistics!

Our program has transformed the way children and families look at the concept of wellness. Children learn that they are building bodies they’ll have for their whole lives, and that the choices they make today will affect their health later—they are the authors and architects of their future!

Since its inception in 2007,
WKids has inspired and empowered
OVER 25,000 children and families through our programs

In School

Lessons Can Be Delicious! Our transformative in-school program has won acclaim from school administrators, teachers, world-class nutrition experts, parents, and—most importantly—KIDS! Designed to complement curricula for pre-school through high school, each interactive lesson incorporates exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, and food tasting. Kids learn what will help them thrive and how to take care of this one body that they’ll have for life. While the program runs for 6-8 weeks, it provides the foundation for a lifetime of good health!

Why has WKids In School been so successful?
Because we make it so much FUN!

Interactive learning tools, games, and activities engage students from day one

Food demonstrations and tastings bring the lesson concepts to life

Weekly newsletters show parents what their children are learning, recipes to try and additional activities that can be done at home

Parents and families are welcome to attend the classes!


In The Kitchen

If They Make It, They Will Eat It! This free, interactive evening workshop series complements the WKids In-School program for students in grades 3 and higher. Kids become chefs for the evening and work with their parents to prepare healthy, delicious, and budget-friendly meals and snacks—and enjoy eating them! Parents are routinely amazed to see their children tasting foods they wouldn’t normally try at home. Kids also learn knife and kitchen safety skills, and everyone goes home with recipes. Getting healthy as a family and having a blast doing it—what could be better than that?


On The Farm

Teaching Kids the True Meaning of Farm to Table. This fun summer series is a wonderful way for kids to gain a deeper understanding of where food comes from and the tremendous difference between the true meaning of natural and farm-fresh! Kids and parents have a great time harvesting produce and participating in interactive cooking demonstrations with our awesome WKids chef. In addition to useful tips and easy to implement strategies, families will get to try amazingly delicious dishes and take home the recipes!


Our influence can only go so far in our small part of New York, so we’ve developed programs and events to share all of our proven activities and approaches which have shown such great success in practice with WKids.


Our wellness workshops are designed to educate and increase
knowledge and awareness on a variety of health and wellness related topics.
We have dynamic expert speakers who can work with schools and
organizations to customize content.


WKids is making a difference


of families reading food labels before purchasing or consuming foods


of families reporting a decrease in consumption of junk foods or sweets


of families consuming more whole foods


of families consuming less soda and sugary beverages