The healthiest people achieve success in a healthy community!

Whether you are leaning in to plant-based eating or you are a plant-based pro, our Thrive Membership Community has the tools, resources, information and inspiration you need.

It's no mystery that people are more successful when they are surrounded with like-minded support. We've heard from you that trying to get healthy on your own is a struggle, but when working together as a "I" for "We"...even illness can become lasting wellness. You've already taken a significant step in the right direction. We can help you keep your eye on the prize through our Thrive Membership Community.


We’ve helped thousands of people change their health and their lives for the better and we can help you.

The foods we eat can help heal our bodies or they can harm our bodies. We've been helping people improve their health through the power of plants since 2005.

When you are connected to like-minded people who are committed to leading healthy lives, it empowers you to turn your intentions into action!


Each month you will have access to a Zoom session with a wellness expert on that month’s topic. We’ll bring you the most cutting edge information from the best names in the wellness and plant-based field as well as our team of wellness coaches. You’ll learn and be inspired to take your wellness journey to the next level each month.


Each month you’ll be inspired to create delicious and healthy meals with a Zoom cooking session/demo with some of the best plant-based chefs, cookbook authors and others creating plant-based culinary magic in the kitchen. We’ll even have some cook along sessions and send you the recipes ahead of time so you can do a live cooking lesson and prepare a meal from the comfort of your own home.


You’ll have access to a private Facebook community just for members and have access to our team of coaches and other community members for support, inspiration and accountability.


You’ll also receive bonuses throughout the year including recipes, downloadables, and bonus Zoom sessions with our coaches and videos to keep you motivated and thriving.


Members will receive 20% off all current and future courses and eBooks as long as your membership is active.


Membership registration will open in January 2022